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Our Currently Available Aquatics Programs:

Parent and Child Swim

Starts on 2024-05-11

This class is a great way to get babies acclimated in the water while the parent joins in too. Babies starting at 6 months old can participate with an adult. 1 days a week for 4 weeks. Lessons are 30 minutes long.

School Age Aquatics

Starts on 2024-04-01

Learn the basics and get acclimated to the water during the YMCA Level 1/2 swim lessons. Children will move up as they master skills in each level. Great starting point for any age.

Pre-School Aquatics

Starts on 2024-04-06

Children ages 3-5 ready to be in the water without a parent are a perfect fit for this class. They will learn water safety, water acclimation and the beginning of basic strokes and movements.


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